Tradelinks FZC

Arabian Gulf is the largest producer of Penetration Bitumen in the region and our biggest source for drummed bitumen. Through our associates in the country, we have regular access to drummed bitumen of various grades and shipments can be made promptly.


Saudi Aramco, is the sole producer of bitumen in Saudi Arabia and they produce only Bitumen Penetration grade 60/70 in bulk. Our associates in Jeddah and Dammam have bitumen blending and drumming company and we have the ability to Blend Bitumen Penetration grade 80/100 from it and also manufacture cutbacks like MC-30, MC-3000 and Bitumen Emulsions. We also blend other Penetration grades of bitumens like grade 120/150 or 180/200.

c) UAE

Bitumen is imported into UAE from Arabian Gulf countries in Bulk for distribution locally to Contractors. There are blending companies in UAE, who use this bulk bitumen 60/70 to make different Penetration grades, cutbacks and emulsions for re-export to different countries. We buy the cutbacks and Emulsions from UAE regularly.


Egypt is the largest source of drummed and bulk bitumen in North Africa. Due to its strategic location with ports on both sides of Suez canal, it proves to be a good source of supply for both Eastern Africa as well as North and Western African ports. Exports from Egypt are seasonal depending on domestic consumption. We have associates in Egypt, who can assure regular supplies of drummed bitumen, both Penetration grades 60/70 and 80/100 as well as cutbacks MC-30 and others. Egypt is part of the COMESA structure and thus exports covered under COMESA certificate of origin, enjoy duty exemptions / benefits for importers of other COMESA countries.


Quality Control
The company maintains a very strict control on the quality of bitumen and also on the condition of drums at the time of shipment. All the shipments are monitored for quality by world renowned Inspection and quality control companies like SGS, Intertek, Geochem, etc. These companies either have their own laboratories in the region or they use other accredited laboratories for checking and maintaining the quality of product. Our customers appreciate this extra bit of personalized service that we offer.


We understand the importance of proper packing for a bitumen cargo. The product, though very viscous, can ooze out of a bitumen drum and cause lot of discomfort to the ship and the contractor if the packing is not done properly. Depending on origin and of course the price that contractors are willing to pay for their product, we choose the drums that are most suitable for packing of the various grades of bitumen. The normal drums are New Steel Drums of 0.6mm thickness, but cargoes can also be packed in thicker drums on special requests. We get this “thicker drum” packing for cargoes consigned to United Nations or their funded projects in Africa. For Saudi Arabian, Egyptian and UAE origin cargoes, the ideal drums are Reconditioned Drums (0.8 or 1.0 MM sheet thickness) because they are readily available in all these countries and are very strong for multiple handling. They are cleaned, painted and reconditioned prior to filling with bitumen and then re-checked for their condition prior to loading inside a container.


Shipping is a crucial element of drummed bitumen supply because in most ports of the world, drummed bitumen is a direct delivery cargo, when it is shipped in breakbulk. The ports do not allow the vessels to berth until documents are prepared and trucks made available to receive this cargo on direct delivery. The shipment thus requires a lot of coordination and personal follow-up on a regular basis. We have understandings with Shipping Agents based in Africa and Middle East for a timely shipment to be made to the various ports. The other mode of shipment of bitumen is drums stuffed into 20' containers. This is useful for supplies from Arabian Gulf and Saudi Arabia and also when small quantities have to be shipped on a regular basis rather than in one big lot. Break bulk shipments are usually in lots of about 6000 mtons or more, while containerized shipments can be very small lots also. We have extensive experience in shipping of bitumen in drums and therefore can recommend the most appropriate mode of shipment to the client at all times. The intention is to ensure timely, smooth shipment with least possible risk of demurrages at discharge port.


Paraffin Wax, is a product which has about 400 different uses. From coating of the paper, which is used to wrap bread in countries like India, it is also used to make candles, coat cables, make sealants, manufacture Match Boxes, etc. There are several types of waxes and their grades are dependent on the Melting Point and Oil content in them. The lesser the oil content, the better the quality of wax. Paraffin Wax is an industry based product and we have regular supplies of this product to India, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc. Most of the users are Candle and Match Box Manufacturers.