Tradelinks FZC
Cutback Bitumens MC-3000
Typical Specifications of Bitumen Cutback MC-3000 are given below in line with specifications of ASTM or AASHTO. The Product is packed in clean, rust free steel drums of size as required by the buyer.
S.No Technical Specification Test Result
Minimum Maximum
1   Kinematic Viscosity at 60oC in Centi stoke 3000 6000
2   Flash Point ,oC 66  
3   Water Percent   0.2
4   Distillation Test distillate percentage by volume of total distillate to 360 oC    
4.1   To 225 Deg C    
4.2   To 260 Deg C   15
4.3   To 315 Deg C 15 75
5   Residue from distillation to 360oC (680oF) volume percentage of sample by difference 80  
6   Test on residue from Distillation    
6.1   Absolute viscosity at 60oC(140oF) poises 300 1200
6.2   Ductility, 5cm/min, at 25oC (77oF) cm 100  
7   Solubility in Trichloroethylene by percent 99  
8   Spot Test for standard solvent Negative